In 1992, GlobeTax was founded to master the complex and ever-changing landscape of double taxation treaties to ensure that no investor overpays withholding tax. In the past three decades, we have become the world’s leading provider of withholding tax recovery solutions, meeting the needs of issuers, investors, and intermediaries across the global custody chain.

Full Service Withholding Tax Relief and Recovery for investors and asset managers, investment advisors, and financial institutions.


GlobeTax identifies opportunities, procures documents, and secures withholding tax entitlements through the fastest possible channel, helping clients maximize returns on cross-border investments.

Streamlining Withholding Tax Disclosure for Depositaries, DTCC Participants, Transfer Agents, and Issuers.


GlobeTax’s ESP platform facilitates efficient and secure submission, processing and reporting of withholding tax entitlements, streamlining intake and processing of beneficial owner information throughout omnibus accounts in the custody chain.