The rise of Domino’s pizza tracker and Uber’s driver map demonstrate that today’s consumers are eager to understand the precise status of their product or service. GlobeTax’s MIDAS® Connect reporting portal gives you precisely that by compiling and visualizing up-to-the-minute, live data on your paid, filed, and outstanding claims.

MIDAS® Connect: The New Gold Standard for Tax Relief reporting

The sleek, easy-to-use reporting portal shows users all their withholding tax reclaim data in a centralized location. The platform’s three sections – Summary, Active and Paid — provide a sortable overview of tax relief data that is filterable by status and by market.

  • The Summary tab provides a high-level overview of everything claim-related: outstanding claims, filed claims, claims paid since inception and paid year-to-date, event count, and the number of events for both active and paid claims.
  • The Active tab displays claims GlobeTax is in the process of filing, as well as claims that have been filed, but have not yet paid.
  • The Paid tab shows the net reclaim year over year.
MIDAS(R) Connect tabs
Note: sample numbers

MIDAS® Connect also offers dynamic visualizations such as pie charts that depict the composition of the data. Users can click any section for a more detailed breakdown of the information. 

MIDAS(R) Connect pie chart
Note: sample numbers

For additional detail, users can download the data into Excel to find transaction-level information. Users can also find reports that show outstanding documents that need completing as well as download visuals into PDF documents for further review.


This blog post has only scratched the surface of MIDAS® Connect’s capabilities. We urge all our clients to examine their data on the platform and see the value it can add to your organizations.

Of course, there is always room for improvement. We would appreciate your feedback as GlobeTax continues collecting client input to make further enhancements. 

We look forward to hearing your thoughts!