Our History


GlobeTax Founded; Launch of Standard Reclaim Service

Addressing a market need for withholding tax recovery expertise, GlobeTax was founded and the firm’s standard reclaim service was launched


GlobeTax Launches Depositary Service

GlobeTax debuted the firm’s Depositary Services business, becoming the appointed tax claim processing agent for one of the four US Depositary Bank’s American Depositary Receipt (ADR) programs


GlobeTax Secures Contracts with All Depositary Banks

By 2006, GlobeTax secured contracts with all four US Depositary Banks and developed processes in France, Mexico, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Japan, Korea, Russia, the Philippines and more, increasing the number of participating markets from 6 to 25


GlobeTax Launches Relief at Source Offering

To expedite receipt of investor entitlements, GlobeTax launched an outsourced service to help DTCC Participants manage relief at source elections for ADRs held at DTCC


GlobeTax Launches of Electronic Submissions Portal (ESP) to Support Depositary Service

GlobeTax debuted the ESP platform to provide financial institutions and downstream intermediaries a centralized portal for understanding and submitting data and documentation to support tax reclaims


GlobeTax Launches ESP Reports

GlobeTax incorporated real-time reporting into ESP, enabling DTCC Participants to research and reconcile claim submissions


GlobeTax Rebrands Outsourced Relief and Recovery Solutions as MIDAS®

GlobeTax rebranded its standard reclaim, quick refund, and relief at source services to MIDAS®. The combined offering helps investors secure entitlements through the fastest available channel.


GlobeTax Debuts EU Discrimination Offering

GlobeTax expanded its MIDAS® offering, helping investors claim under European Court of Justice Discrimination rulings


GlobeTax Incorporates ISO 20022 into MIDAS® : Relief at Source Offering

GlobeTax incorporated ISO 20022 messaging into the firm’s MIDAS® Relief at Source offering, automating the delivery of election results to DTCC’s CA Web portal and reducing client risk


GlobeTax Relaunches ESP Portal

In 2020, GlobeTax debuted its re-engineered ESP portal, introducing bulk upload in all markets and customizable real-time reporting