GlobeTax Expands Volunteer Initiatives with “Giving Back Week”

GlobeTax employees traded their button downs for zip-up hoodies to participate in “Giving Back Week,” a five-day celebration of community engagement. The initiative builds upon GlobeTax’s culture of engaged corporate citizenship, providing employees an opportunity to contribute to the causes closest to their hearts. From feeding the hungry to coaching homeless youth to cultivating urban greenery, GlobeTax attendees shared highlights and reflections from their chosen activity.  

New York Center for Children

Although winter is often associated with dark days and dreary weather, springtime seemed to arrive early at the New York Center for Children. GlobeTax volunteers refreshed the wall color in one of the center’s meeting rooms, a task that greatly inspired QA Analyst Stephanie. She explained, “Upon arriving at the building, I noticed the murals of flowers and playful scenic images in the main entryway that made the Center very welcoming. After we painted the walls a fresh green color, the room looked brighter and bigger than before, matching the cheerful entrance hall.” Fellow QA Analyst Raul echoed Stephanie’s sentiments:  “With just a few coats of paint, we were able to make a big difference in a short amount of time. After seeing the impact of our contribution, I look forward to participating in future GlobeTax volunteering events.” 

Animal Care Centers of NYC

On a chilly mid-week afternoon, twelve GlobeTaxers descended underground, reemerging on 110th Street at Animal Care Centers of NYC. Attendees rotated through three stations—dog walking, fetch playing, and cat corralling. Reclaim Services Associate Nick found the activities both enjoyable and eye-opening. He remarked, “I learned that the greatest cause of sickness in animal shelters is stress and over-stimulation. By showing the animals positive interaction and affectionate attention, I felt like we really helped improve the shelter environment.” The group’s efforts extended outside the shelter walls, an impact shared by Senior Research Associate Kelly, “It is extremely rewarding to help socialize the dogs and cats, as it greatly improves their chances of finding a loving family to adopt them.” 

Brooklyn Public Library

Despite GlobeTax’s financial services specialization, the firm’s inquisitive employees share a deep appreciation for the humanities. Reflecting this multiplicity of interests, twenty volunteers journeyed to the Brooklyn Public Library to participate in arts and crafts with children and assist in shelf organizing. ADR Specialist Eileen eagerly signed up for the activity, explaining, “As a lifelong lover of reading, I’ve passed many an hour at my neighborhood library. When it came time to choose a volunteer activity, I knew I wanted to give back and help improve the experience for the next generation of readers.”

CityMeals on Wheels

Although New York City is often lauded for its fast-paced, rough-and-tumble culture, this environment is not necessarily hospitable for the city’s homebound elderly population. To ease this burden, seven GlobeTax employees volunteered with CityMeals on Wheels to bring nutritious food and warm smiles to homes of nearby senior citizens. In the days following the activity, Systems Analyst John visibly brightened when recalling the interactions. He reflected, “For me, it was a great experience just to see the smile on the residents’ faces when we rang their doorbell. Their gratitude was immense— ‘Thank you so much’ and ‘God bless you’ and ‘You just made my day’—and I relish the opportunity to volunteer more with this community.” 

Covenant House

Although navigating career paths is anxiety-inducing for everyone, it is a particularly tricky task for residents of Covenant House, a shelter for New York City’s homeless youth population. The career mapping session paired volunteers with residents to provide logistical guidance for attaining career goals. Marketing Associate Alexis was heartened by the experience, noting, “It was impactful to hear the volunteers trace their path from their first job—fast food fryer, dog walker—to their current career—real estate broker, portfolio manager. Those stories really broke the ice, setting the stage for effective one-on-one planning.” ADR Specialist Won Jae shared similar sentiments,  “Although our backgrounds may differ, the conversation allowed me to realize our similarities. As someone with varied interests who has held a variety of roles, it was gratifying to share my successes and failures and know that I could be a helpful model to someone at the beginning of their journey.” 

Hudson River Park Friends

With hoodies pulled tight, intrepid members of the GlobeTax team braved the brisk November breeze to spend the morning in Hudson River Park. The team worked alongside the Park’s nonprofit fundraising partner, planting tulips to contribute to the parkland beautification initiative. The recent tragedy imbued the activity with additional significance. HR Director Jessie summarized the activity poignantly, “As we walked up to Pier 40, we all stopped to take in the memorial set up at the park entrance following the attack on Halloween. It was an emotional moment, and it made the next few hours planting tulip bulbs all the more meaningful.” The volunteers unanimously agreed that the best part of the day would manifest in several months, when they would return to the park in springtime to witness the fruits of their labor. 

Habitat for Humanity

While Habitat for Humanity is widely known for its homebuilding mission, less publicized is the organization’s “A Brush with Kindness” initiative, which revitalizes underserved community centers with limited funds to pay for refurbishments. GlobeTax volunteers supported one such effort, painting and priming a community center room in advance of an upcoming mural project. Depository Services Associate Tyler explained his interest in the initiative, “After participating in homebuilding with Habitat for Humanity in Rochester over the summer, I knew I wanted to keep working with the organization closer to home. The event was a great way to engage in a relaxing and artistic activity while giving back to the community.” 

United Jewish Council of the East Side

On a sunny Thursday morning, a small contingent decamped to Bialystoker Place to serve lunch to neighborhood seniors at the United Jewish Council of the East Side. Laughter echoed throughout the dining room as volunteers took turns distributing plates to the hungry guests. Research Director Sharon elaborated about the heartwarming experience, remarking, “The seniors couldn’t have been more grateful. They were excited about our presence and asked many questions about where we worked and what we did, leading to enlightening discussion of what they did before retiring.” In addition to positive interactions with the lunchtime crowd, Senior HR Associate Danielle found great inspiration in Volunteer Coordinator Betsy, elaborating: “Betsy is one of the most passionate and hardworking people I’ve met. Her commitment to the Council is contagious. The whole group got teary-eyed when she discussed the Council’s role in coordinating Hurricane Sandy recovery. We all can’t wait to go back.” 

An Inaugural Success

With a wide variety of causes and activities, GlobeTax employees found great fulfillment in the company’s inaugural “Giving Back Week.” As John in Systems noted, the timing was opportune, “Everyone was especially happy to have the opportunity to give something back at this time of year, with the holiday season approaching.” In reflecting on her time with Friends of Hudson River Park, Client Services Associate Ashley summarized the resounding view, “It really reminded me how lucky I am to be alive, how lucky I am to work for such a great company, and how lucky I am to be able to volunteer to help make the world a better place!”