February 2018 Withholding Tax Update Newsletter

The inaugural edition of Withholding Tax Update includes:

Russian Federation Market Changes

Russian custodians and/or issuers are now considering tax-exempt status for Supranational and Sovereign entities. Read more


Netherlands Market Changes

The Dutch Tax Authority (DTA) has altered registration, documentation, and process requirements. Read more

Norway Market Changes

The Norwegian Tax Administration (NTA) has changed their view on the status of U.S. tax-exempt entities such as pensions, charities, 81-100 ruling group trusts, and RICs. Read more

Indonesia Market Changes

The Indonesian Tax Administration (NTA) has updated market-wide filing requirements, impacting multiple entity types. Read more

ACH Registration

To improve efficiency, GlobeTax has offered ACH payments in lieu of paper checks for the past several years. Read more if you are a DTCC Participant who wishes to enroll.


ESP Feedback

The withholding tax recovery landscape changes constantly, and GlobeTax’s ESP strives to change with it. If you are a DTCC participant, Read more on how you can help ESP improve its flexibility, reliability, and usefulness.