Client Solutions

Complexity made simple

Our unmatched suite of tax solutions helps us serve the marketplace by providing all-encompassing, up-to-date research and documentation services. eCerts, eDocs, ESP,  eTaxData and eValidation have all been designed with the objective of simplifying client interfaces with GlobeTax.


eCerts electronically receives and validates information to apply for a Certificate of Tax Residency. Tax authorities around the world are increasingly requiring presentation of self-certifications or legal forms of tax residency to support claims of entitlement. However, these documents remain difficult to understand and navigate for investors. 

By using eCerts as their solicitation method financial firms see higher participation rates, much lower failure rates, lower solicitation costs and more consistent documentation processes.

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eDocs provides a simple, easy-to-use platform to create barcoded tax related documentation that can be reconciled automatically to a customer’s data when signed and received. The documents remain accessible by GlobeTax relationship managers as well as beneficial owners themselves.

eDocs automates one of the most intricate processes of any tax department and creates a less intrusive and more streamlined client experience.

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ESP is GlobeTax’s document management, global tax rate and claim processing system. ESP publishes cross-border withholding tax rules (both at market and corporate actions event level). It is used by hundreds of financial institutions to support tax relief and reclaims for equities, and disclosure programs for fixed income.  

Since inception in 2008, ESP has processed over 24,655,000 claims for more than 6,100 events.

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eTaxData, our tax reference database, covers over 245 markets and contains over eight million data points, providing access to equity and fixed income withholding information.

Financial institutions and investors use eTaxData for planning, research and management of dividend withholdings. The data powering eTaxData supports GlobeTax’s over 7 million reclaims processed a year.

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eValidation is a one-stop portal for secure file upload, validation, approval and revisions, with history tracking. GlobeTax clients can use eValidation to reduce errors and make processing more efficient.

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Client Portal

On our secure site, clients can access quarterly status reports for outstanding and potential reclaims, including the status of filed claims, expiring items, and potential entitlements which are missing documentation or account information.

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