• 11.14.2017

    Sibos 2017 Takeaways

    Although the GlobeTax team ventures regularly to Toronto, few excursions are as stimulating as the most recent:  SWIFT’s 39th annual Sibos conference. While it is difficult to distill the four-day, 8,000-person whirlwind comprehensively, the firm’s...

  • 9.7.2017

    Fiduciary Rule Phase II Implementation Delayed

    A U.S. Department of Labor (DoL) proposal to delay implementing Phase II of the Fiduciary Rule has been approved. While the Rule’s ultimate fate remains unclear, global withholding tax recovery continues to represent a best...

  • 8.29.2017

    Introducing MIDAS™ – The Relief at Source Gold Standard

    Nearly US$90 billion (20%) of the US$525 billion paid in dividends across eight major markets is withheld annually by foreign tax authorities. Fortunately, investors may be able to recoup almost half of that amount (US$39...

  • 8.28.2017

    2Q17 Withholding Rate Changes

    Various countries entered into new double taxation treaties in Q2, resulting in lower dividend withholding rates for residents in corresponding jurisdictions. Knowing these rates is essential for investors looking to boost their equity returns in...

  • 5.4.2017

    BEPS Project Withholding Tax Quick Guide

    Staying abreast of changing regulations and practices is paramount to successfully recovering excess foreign withholding tax. The Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) Project is set to change the international tax system through the creation...

  • 4.20.2017

    Top Five eCerts Enhancements for Issuers and Users

    eCerts allows participating issuers’ global employee shareholders to easily create residency self-certifications and other tax documents necessary for foreign withholding tax relief.

  • 4.11.2017

    1Q17 Withholding Rate Changes

    So far, seven countries have issued statutory withholding rate changes for dividend payments in 2017. Changes like these – along with increased audits, documentation requirements, and scrutiny from regulators – illustrate the potentially growing complexity...

  • 3.15.2017

    Important Notices with XBRL Integration – A Guide

    XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) is an XML-based global standard used to electronically exchange business information. By integrating XBRL data into DTCC Important Notices, GlobeTax provides participants with extractable dividend information such as security name,...

  • 2.13.2017

    Excess Foreign Withholding Tax Recovery: A Safe Bet

    Uncertainty is growing about the future of several financial regulations under the new administration. There are several pending lawsuits challenging the Department of Labor’s (DoL) Fiduciary Rule. At the same time, however, the new administration...