No Investor Overpays Withholding Tax

GlobeTax is the leading provider of withholding tax relief, recovery and reporting services to the global financial community, processing and filing over seven million reclaims a year.

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  • Our Story

    Founded in 1992, GlobeTax is the world’s leading provider of tax reclaim services and comprehensive research and market data services to the investment community worldwide. GlobeTax also serves as sole tax relief and reclaim agent for all four U.S. Depositary Banks issuing ADRs and equivalent instruments.

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  • How we can help

    Each year, foreign tax authorities over-withhold billions in investment income from investors. GlobeTax clients promptly receive the maximum funds to which they are entitled through our unique outsourcing service.

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  • Who we are

    GlobeTax leverages relationships with foreign counterparties and Tax Authorities, cultivated over the last 25 years, to deliver unmatched excellence to our clients. We have assembled a top tier team of financial professionals whose knowledge allows our services to stay ahead of constantly evolving regulations.

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