Are You Maximizing Stakeholders’ Profits?

The way in which issuers respond to commercial, fiduciary, and regulatory obligations can significantly affect the tax entitlements of a large number of stakeholders. Both investors and employees of these issuers may be impacted by withholding tax levied on dividend and interest payments. GlobeTax’s services are specifically designed to assist in addressing these demands and ensuring stakeholders benefit to the maximum degree possible.


GlobeTax’s services for issuers include Re-Domestication and Disclosure programs. For direct listings or reincorporation, GlobeTax works with issuers to organize and manage tax relief and recovery processes for holders of equity and debt instruments in applicable markets. Additionally, in a disclosure program GlobeTax works as the issuer’s agent through ESP to allow seamless disclosure by all intermediaries in the chain of custody.

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Employee Plan Administrators

Many listed companies with global reach have thousands of employees spread across the world who may hold shares issued by their employer. We streamline the process for getting relief from over-withheld taxes for employees who are resident outside the company’s tax jurisdiction.

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Irish Companies

Residents of “relevant territories” and Irish corporate residents can reduce their Irish dividend withholding tax to 0% from the standard rate of 20%. GlobeTax has simplified this process through a coordinated service using our proprietary eCerts solution. We manage the tax relief process for over 20 Irish issuers.

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