September 2019 Withholding Tax Update Newsletter

This edition of Withholding Tax Update includes:

GlobeTax Debuts ‘One Important Notice’ Concept

We are excited to announce GlobeTax’s ‘One Important Notice’ concept, which debuted in June with Japanese securities. Read more


Spain to Introduce Exempt Rate for U.S. Pensions

U.S. Pension funds will soon be entitled to exemption from withholding tax on Spanish dividend events under the updated U.S. – Spain protocol. Read more



French Statutory Rate to Change to 28%

Effective January 1, 2020, the statutory withholding rate for French dividends will be reduced to 28% from the current 30%. Read more

GlobeTax Announces End to 2018 Russian Audit

In early September, GlobeTax confirmed that the tax audit initiated in April 2018 by the Russian Inspectorate for record dates in 2016 and 2017 has officially closed. Read more

Joe’s Handy Hints!

Editor-in-chief, Joe Hands, provides helpful tips in the withholding tax landscape. Read more



Norway: Luxembourg SICAVs Organized as UCITS Entitled to Exemption

GlobeTax has received confirmation from our local market partners that Luxembourg SICAVs organized as UCITS are entitled to exemption from withholding tax on Norwegian dividends. Read more

Zdravo! Slovenia Becomes GlobeTax’s Newest Market

GlobeTax broke into the Slovenian tax reclaim sphere this year, processing Nova Ljubljanska Banka’s dividend event (RD: June 17, 2019) for both the Reg S (CUSIP: 66980N203) and 144A (CUSIP: 66980N104) programs. Read more



End of Year Filing Deadlines Approaching

GlobeTax highlights filing deadlines in markets with approaching statutes of limitations (SOL). Read more