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  • Hedge Funds

    Hedge funds are under pressure to leverage every ounce of return and maximize performance. Income from cross border assets is...

  • Individual Investors

    Investors holding international securities are often subject to withholding tax by a foreign government on investment income (dividends and interest).

  • Investment Managers

    Tax reclamation is important for professional investment managers, as any recovery of excess withholdings directly enhances portfolio performance. Navigating complex...

  • MIDAS®

    Financial institutions know that relief at source is the most efficient solution for providing their clients favorable withholding tax rates....

  • Mutual Funds & ETFs

    Reclaiming foreign withholding tax can enhance the performance of a portfolio by upwards of 25 basis points annually but the...

  • Omnibus Accounts

    Custodians can enhance their service offering to clients by enabling tax reclamation for omnibus accounts holders.

  • Pension Funds

    Pensions are often tax exempt in their country of residence and in many markets the treaty rate for these institutions...

  • Prime Brokers

    While recovering excess withholding tax is very valuable for a prime broker’s clients, administering the process can be complex. Small...

  • Registered Investment Advisors

    GlobeTax provides a specialized service to recover over-withheld tax for Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) and their varied client base.

  • Scale & Scope

    Double Taxation Treaties can often give rise to an entitlement to recover tax that has been over-withheld by foreign governments.

  • July 2016 Market Update

    Market Update | July 2016

  • Statutes of Limitation

    Investors holding foreign securities are taxed on dividends and interest payments in the country of investment, at a statutory withholding...