Agile Project Manager | Project Management

Position Objectives & General Responsibilities

The Agile Project Manager is responsible for planning, executing and finalizing projects throughout the software development life cycle. The PM documents deadlines, assigns responsibilities, raises issues and monitors progress throughout the software development process. The company employs the Agile Scrum framework and the project manager generally acts as the Scrum Master coordinating all of the rituals defined in the framework. As a company focused on innovation the candidate will be responsible for trying to customize and optimize the process for the Scrum teams.


Working Relationships – Reporting Structure

The Agile Project Manager builds and maintains strong working relationships with team members from the Systems, Quality Assurance (QA), Product and Network departments in addition to business owners and stakeholders throughout GlobeTax.


Tasks and Duties

  • Leads projects as a scrum master in new software development
  • Try new methods to optimize the Scrum process
  • Facilitate all Scrum rituals: Sprint Planning (What & How), Daily Stand-ups, Sprint Review, and Sprint Retrospectives
  • Monitoring deadlines, deliverables, and outstanding action items from developers, QA, Product Managers and business owners Using Servant leadership methodologies, provide support to the team
  • Document agreements, issues, obstacles, solutions and priorities for projects
  • Communicate updates to project stakeholders and drive issues to resolution
  • Represent the Systems Project Management team at business and management meetings and interact with senior leadership and business stakeholders
  • Input and update JIRA and Confluence
  • Track and report metrics around velocity
  • Build consensus when team is experiencing conflict
  • Track work rejected either from QA or UAT
  • Defend the scope of the project from scope creep
  • Assign or collect story points for each user story to estimate cost to deliver each project
  • Provide budget estimations to be used in business cases for new products and features
  • Coordinate degree of doneness across the teams
  • Analyze impact of bugs and determine when a “hot fix” is necessary
  • Understand how the users interact with each of the systems
  • Work with Product Management to groom the backlog


Qualifications (Skills, Education, Training, and Experience)

  • Bachelor’s degree related to technology
  • 3-4 years’ experience using Agile/Scrum
  • Scrum Master certification (CSM) is required
  • Project Management Professional certification (PMP) is optional
  • Familiarity with Agile and Traditional PM concepts, practices and procedures
  • Familiar with JIRA and Confluence
  • Ability to analyze problems, present options and facilitate the decision-making process
  • Ability to organize, prioritize and manage deadlines
  • Ability to manage conflict on teams in a positive way
  • Strong organizational skills, balancing the ability to work well with people, negotiate and continually manage expectations under time-constrained circumstances
  • Strong attention to detail as it relates to accuracy in documentation and data, monitoring processes and organizing a system of records
  • Ability to take responsibility for actions and outcomes and persist despite obstacles
  • Demonstrate dependability and show a sense of urgency about getting results
  • Demonstrate resourcefulness by both guiding the team to remove impediments and finding the right resources to produce successful project outcomes
  • Desire to innovate and improve upon processes


Career Trajectory

GlobeTax is a dynamic organization with opportunities for professional development and career growth. Employees that demonstrate initiative and innovation will receive additional opportunities for advancement.


Information Security Roles & Responsibilities

The Agile Project Manager is responsible for adhering to policies and procedures pertaining to the protection of confidential data, particularly sensitive client information.


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